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Kia ora

Janine Whale is a jeweller and designer based in Whangārei, Aotearoa (New Zealand). She is passionate about the knitted form and creating works that celebrate the rich history and technical expertise of knitting in a fresh way.

Her other pleasures are simple - a good coffee, fish and chips at the beach, and curating radishes and zinnias in an attempt to garden.  "I value the beauty that can be found in the details of everyday life, and this spills over into my creative process."

My Story

Having been taught to knit as a child by my Mother and Grandmother, knitting has been a faithful companion over the years, a process that invited thought and contemplation.   More recently, however, this quiet space gave way to curiosity and creativity, with the joy of creating something beautiful and thoughtful from an ancient craft.  In 2019, finishing studies in Hand Knit Textiles and Design through the London City and Guild, I launched Conexus Knits to pursue creativity full-time.  Although my initial focus was in garment production and pattern development, an exploration in the use of metal as fibre broadened my horizons and led to a Diploma in Silver Jewellery in 2022.  My jewellery collections challenge our notion of hand knitting and knitted adornment. They encourage us to pause and question the possibilities, yet honour the expertise and craft of generations before.

I continue to produce digital patterns for knitted garments and accessories, and these are sold via Ravelry, an online platform..  You can view these patterns here.

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