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There are some works which deserve a spot in the limelight. Some because they make me smile, and others for the lessons I learnt in making them.  

Eyelet neck ring.png

Eyelet Neck Ring

Made of sterling and fine silver, this neck collar features concentric circles of eyelets; the holes that form the basis of lace knitting.

This work highlights the beauty to be found in simplicity, and was a major contributor to my understanding of the dynamics and fluidity of movement when using wire as a fibre.

Fuchsia Lamp

Knitted from copper wires and silk spun with stainless steel, the Fuchsia lamp comes alive in the evening when the translucent nature of the open knitted textile is highlighted.   


Frost Flower Lampshade

Light and lace are a perfect marriage.  This lampshade features a well known historical pattern, frost flowers, and is knitted with a linen paper tape wrapped in silk.  If you look closely, the paper appears translucent in the areas it is laying flat, and this adds to the lacy appearance.

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